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Forestry Equipment

Forestry equipment comes in many forms, but perhaps the most common is the timber transporter. A timber transporter is a truck with a flat bed trailer that is equipped with strapping made from synthetic nylon, which allows for logs to be secured en masse. This allows timber to be transported from the forest to a secondary where they can be packed and shipped, or utilised in another way.

Forestry Equipment for Sale in the UK

Other forestry equipment for sale in the UK include forwarders. Forwarders are generally used in cut-to-length situations, where the tree is cut to length directly from the stump. The forwarder carries the logs from the forest floor to the roadside, to be loaded onto a timber transporter. Forwarders can be either tracked or wheeled, and they carry the logs off the ground, as opposed to dragging them.

Used Forestry Equipment

Other types of used forestry equipment include various types of shredder, which can be a separate machine in its own right, or can be an attachment to an existing vehicle. The shredders role is to reduce logs into woodchip or sawdust. Individual shredders are usually powered by an internal engine, and the large scale truck mounted shredders also require a separate engine to that of the vehicle.
Forestry equipment comes in various forms with many different sizes and capabilities. Here at TractorTradex, we have the largest online database of used forestry equipment available to purchase throughout the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Our clever search engine tool has been specially designed so that you can easily filter your specifications with great ease. You can make use of our search engine options to perform a targeted search, specifying what price range you are looking for such as a required make or a particular model.

If you are having trouble finding the used forestry equipment that you need, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our customer service team who will use their specialist knowledge to assist you in finding your next used forestry equipment item.
All Forestry Equipment (968)
harvester (191)
forwarder (141)
All Forestry EquipmentJohn Deere (98)
Valmet (59)
Ponsse (43)
Timberjack (32)
Rottne (26)
  harvesterJohn Deere (34)
Ponsse (27)
Valmet (21)
Timberjack (12)
Rottne (10)
  forwarderJohn Deere (32)
Valmet (25)
Ponsse (13)
Rottne (10)
Timberjack (10)
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timber transporter (95)
horizontal axis shredder (90)
wood splitter processor (67)
timber transporterVolvo (18)
Scania (8)
Mercedes Benz (6)
Sisu (5)
Man (5)
  horizontal axis shredderBinderberger (22)
Desvoys (10)
Kuhn (7)
Stihl (6)
Quivogne (4)
  wood splitter processorCsi (7)
Posch (5)
Ctr (2)
Junkkari (2)
Patu (1)
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forestry equipment spare parts (65)
forestry tractor (52)
forestry trailer (41)
forestry equipment spare partsValmet (11)
John Deere (5)
Rottne (5)
Ponsse (3)
Caterpillar (3)
  forestry tractorValtra (10)
John Deere (4)
Seppi (4)
Fiat (2)
Fendt (2)
  forestry trailerVreten (4)
Farmi (3)
Patu (2)
Junkkari (1)
Kesla (1)
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skidder (29)
wheeled feller buncher (21)
self propelled chipper (20)
skidderJohn Deere (16)
Caterpillar (6)
Timberjack (4)
Timberland (1)
Liugong (1)
  wheeled feller buncherJohn Deere (5)
Timberjack (2)
Tigercat (2)
Prentice (2)
Hydro-ax (2)
  self propelled chipperKuhn (5)
Vermeer (3)
Terex (3)
Morbark (2)
Rmh (1)
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forestry equipment accessories (19)
forestry winch (15)
forestry crusher (15)
forestry equipment accessoriesCtr (2)
Csi (1)
Alitec (1)
  forestry winchBenalu (2)
Faymonville (1)
  forestry crusherPlaisance (11)
Case Ih (1)
Unac (1)
Merlo (1)
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  List your forestry winch nowList your forestry winch now

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vertical axis shredder (14)
grapple (8)
hand fed chipper (4)
vertical axis shredderGyrax (4)
Desvoys (1)
Schulte (1)
Plaisance (1)
Joskin (1)
  grappleLucas (3)
Precision (1)
Misc (1)
Volvo (1)
Bobcat (1)
  hand fed chipperWoodchuck (2)
Vermeer (2)
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  List your grapple nowList your grapple now

  List your hand fed chipper nowList your hand fed chipper now

stone crusher (2)
shredder accessories (1)
tracked feller buncher (1)
stone crusherPlaisance (1)
Kirpy (1)
  shredder accessoriesMore...  tracked feller buncherMore...
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John Deere Forestry Equipment

Valmet Forestry Equipment

Timberjack Forestry Equipment
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Rottne Forestry Equipment »Caterpillar Forestry Equipment »Binderberger Forestry Equipment »Morbark Forestry Equipment »

Volvo Forestry Equipment

Vermeer Forestry Equipment
Volvo Forestry Equipment »Vermeer Forestry Equipment »Tigercat Forestry Equipment »Plaisance Forestry Equipment »

Komatsu Forestry Equipment

Kuhn Forestry Equipment

Desvoys Forestry Equipment
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TractorTradex currently features hundreds of pieces of Forestry Equipment on its online marketplace. This includes items posted from original business sellers through to leading forestry safety equipment specific dealers, traders and liquidators.

Our worldwide network of trusted dealers are apread across Europe, Asia and America. If you are looking for new or used forestry equipment in UK, look no further than TractorTradex. We have sellers across the Uk, in many parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So if you are after any type of new or used forestry equipment, either navigate TractorTradex through the category structure or use the online search tool to find what you are looking for.

John Deere Forestry Equipment
Valmet Forestry Equipment
Ponsse Forestry Equipment
Timberjack Forestry Equipment
Rottne Forestry Equipment
John Deere Harvester
Ponsse Harvester
Valmet Harvester
Timberjack Harvester
Rottne Harvester
John Deere Forwarder
Valmet Forwarder
Ponsse Forwarder
Rottne Forwarder
Timberjack Forwarder
Volvo Timber Transporter
Scania Timber Transporter
Mercedes Benz Timber Transporter
Sisu Timber Transporter
Man Timber Transporter
Binderberger Horizontal Axis Shredder
Desvoys Horizontal Axis Shredder
Kuhn Horizontal Axis Shredder
Stihl Horizontal Axis Shredder
Quivogne Horizontal Axis Shredder
Csi Wood Splitter Processor
Posch Wood Splitter Processor
Ctr Wood Splitter Processor
Junkkari Wood Splitter Processor
Patu Wood Splitter Processor
Valmet Forestry Equipment Spare Parts
John Deere Forestry Equipment Spare Parts
Rottne Forestry Equipment Spare Parts
Ponsse Forestry Equipment Spare Parts
Caterpillar Forestry Equipment Spare Parts
Valtra Forestry Tractor
John Deere Forestry Tractor
Seppi Forestry Tractor
Fiat Forestry Tractor
Fendt Forestry Tractor
Vreten Forestry Trailer
Farmi Forestry Trailer
Patu Forestry Trailer
Junkkari Forestry Trailer
Kesla Forestry Trailer
John Deere Skidder
Caterpillar Skidder
Timberjack Skidder
Timberland Skidder
Liugong Skidder
John Deere Wheeled Feller Buncher
Timberjack Wheeled Feller Buncher
Tigercat Wheeled Feller Buncher
Prentice Wheeled Feller Buncher
Hydro-ax Wheeled Feller Buncher
Kuhn Self Propelled Chipper
Vermeer Self Propelled Chipper
Terex Self Propelled Chipper
Morbark Self Propelled Chipper
Rmh Self Propelled Chipper
Ctr Forestry Equipment Accessories
Csi Forestry Equipment Accessories
Alitec Forestry Equipment Accessories
Benalu Forestry Winch
Faymonville Forestry Winch
Plaisance Forestry Crusher
Case Ih Forestry Crusher
Unac Forestry Crusher
Merlo Forestry Crusher
Gyrax Vertical Axis Shredder
Desvoys Vertical Axis Shredder
Schulte Vertical Axis Shredder
Plaisance Vertical Axis Shredder
Joskin Vertical Axis Shredder
Lucas Grapple
Precision Grapple
Misc Grapple
Volvo Grapple
Bobcat Grapple
Woodchuck Hand Fed Chipper
Vermeer Hand Fed Chipper
Plaisance Stone Crusher
Kirpy Stone Crusher
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