Krone Swardo 461

Asking Price:
Item Location: Lautatarhankatu 3
Seller Minisite: NHK-Keskus Oy
Model:Krone Swardo 461
Year of Manufacturer: 2005

Vähän ajettu leveä yksiroottorinen karhotin. Huollettu ja valmiina töihin.

Complementary detail regarding the 2005 Krone Swardo 461 Windrow Inverter which you clicked on, presented to you through TractorTradex and supplied by NHK-Keskus Oy. You can obtain this Krone Swardo 461 Windrow Inverter by making use of the email template on this page to get in touch with NHK-Keskus Oy immediately. TractorTradex’s system also permit you to compare all of the Krone Swardo 461 Windrow Inverters for sale at TractorTradex by NHK-Keskus Oy, in addition to the array of preowned Windrow Inverters from all of the leading makes for sale at TractorTradex.

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