Combine Farmers Find Joy On Most Depressing Day Of The Year 03/02/2008

Despite the 21st January being deemed by theorists and members of the public as being the most depressing day of the year due to post-Christmas and winter blues, it would seem that at least combine farmers found something to smile about.
An annual survey conducted by Lloyds TSB Scotland found that there were positive attitudes towards farming, which evidently includes agricultural workers from a variety of specialist areas, including combine farmers. The survey produced many positive results, including the statistics that Scottish farmers saw the year 2007 with as much optimism as they did 1996.

Cereal farming employing the use of combines has surged in popularity, and this has led to a rapid increase in sales of combines. A leading combine manufacturer in Scotland is reported to have sold up to 50 combines before the cereal harvest. Because of the increased demand of combine harvesting, there has been a knock-on effect of a shortage of combines, with many potential combine buyers facing long waiting lists before obtaining their new combine.

Increasing demand for cereal harvesting, and consequently combine production has been partially caused by a rise in energy prices which has led many energy consumers to turn to bio-fuel. Bio-fuel is a product of corn and other similar crops, and therefore combine have become integral in the running of this highly profitable market. Additionally, in some Eastern European countries, there has been a rise in the purchase of heavy farm machinery and equipment, such as combines. Such purchases are assisted by the agricultural machinery subsidiaries, offered to some of the newest members of the European Union to help financially in the purchase of combines and other farm equipment.

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