Fire Safety Officers Target Combine Farmers 04/02/2008

Fire safety officers have begun a campaign which targets farmers and their safety when using farm and agricultural equipment and machinery, including combines. The Welsh fire service in certain locales is offering farmers in particular areas the opportunity to have fire safety tests and fire alarm tests for free.

Such a move may assist in a reduction in home insurance for combine farmers and other agricultural workers, and has been backed by the Farmers’ Union of Wales. Because of the remote locations of many combine farmers, it may take longer for emergency services to reach and treat fire-related incidents on combine and other farms. It has been reported that in 2007, in mid and West Wales that there were over 35 fires involving farm machinery, such as tractors and combines. The risk of such combine related fires, as well as fires caused by other aspects of the farming industry, can be limited through preventative action against fire. With this in mind, it is important for combine owners, as well farmers in general, to have important links with their local fire service.

The project which acts to diminish the risk of fire is based around parts of the Welsh fire service offering certain locales of Wales, free fire safety tests, which entail advice on how to reduce the risk of fire, as well as the installation, testing and replacement of smoke detectors.

Wales is not the only area to implement practices to combat combine fires, with Northumberland also adopting the safety trend. Rural areas can quickly turn into serious fires. A series of Northumberland organisations have produced a number of leaflets outlining farm safety, relating to agricultural machinery such as combines, as well as documenting many aspects of farm safety unrelated to fires.

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