Indian Farmers Seek Smaller Tractors 01/02/2008

Farmers on relatively small Indian farms have begun to switch from larger and standard size tractors to smaller tractors with fewer than 30 horsepower. The northern states of India sees farmers more commonly implementing larger tractors, of up to 40 horsepower, though in the southern Indian states this is not as often the case, with farmers in locales such as Gujarat choosing to employ smaller tractors to complete agricultural tasks.

A huge percentage of the Gujarat tractor market remains focused on the larger tractor sector, on tractors with 31 horsepower to 40 horsepower, but the increase of smaller tractors implemented in the southern states of India have meant that tractor manufacturers are no longer limited to this sector of tractor size alone.

A leading tractor manufacturer looks set to release two tractor models below the 30 horsepower category and these models look intent on catering for the Gujarat need for smaller tractors. SAS Tractors is a company which offers small tractors of 22 horsepower, and it looks likely that the tractor company will make the most of increasing appeal of smaller horsepower tractors in Gujarat in the foreseeable future.

The popularity of tractors with smaller horsepower in Gujarat is likely to be because, as an industrialised state, many of the farmers own a farm which consists of small landholdings, and as a result, smaller tractors have become more favourable. Additionally, the lower price of the smaller tractors allows for farmers to purchase a more economically viable tractor which better suits their tractor needs. The notion of finance may in fact have a large effect on the purchase of new tractors and farm machinery as a whole, as in India, many of those who apply for loans to purchase tractors are turned down, and so lower priced, smaller tractors potentially alleviate the need for farmers to take out expensive loans.

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