Indian Government Combats Tractor Shortage 02/02/2008

The Indian government has sought to combat shortages in tractors and farm machinery and equipment by allowing the Agricultural Engineering Department to loan to farmers. Indian farmers have suffered a crisis in shortages in tractors, farm machinery and farm equipment, and so this action for the Agricultural Engineering Department may be met with a welcome reception by farmers who are unable to complete mechanised farm tasks which require tractors and similar farm machinery.

Originally, the Agricultural Engineering Department of India had purchased around 35 tractors and 25 harvesters, and their current purchases include 127 tractors, 91 bulldozers and four combine harvesters. Because of the warm reception the loan project has received, in 2008 the Agricultural Engineering Department purchased approximately an additional 25 combines, as well as 35 tractors.
Additionally, India looks set to witness an increase in tractor manufacture, with the large tractor manufacturer, Sonalika, establishing a unit to manufacture tractors in Bihar. The Sonalika tractor manufacturing plant holds the potential to produce around 40,000 tractors as well as up to 10,000 other farm machineries and equipment. The Sonalika tractor manufacturing plant will seek to provide tractors and farm machinery to Eastern India, including areas such as Bengal.

Sonalika does not solely produce tractors and farm equipment and farm machinery however. The tractor manufacturing company also produces, under the brand name ‘Rhino’, a number of models of multi-utility vehicles.

The company has worked hard to establish itself as reputable amongst buyers, as well as seeking to facilitate their buying needs. This is epitomised by their branching into auto-finance. The International Autotrac Finance Ltd company is fully owned by the tractor manufacturer, Sonalika and offers finance to buyers of Sonalika tractors, as well as cars purchased from International Cars & Motors Ltd.

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