The Case For Electric Tractors 03/02/2008

Solar power and electricity is becoming an often favoured way of powering vehicles and machinery, with electric cars, and solar-powered panels assisting in providing energy for the home. Agriculture is a key industry which relies upon gas and diesel, non-renewable fuel sources which do not have infinite futures. Food production and distribution has become increasingly dependent on these fuels, with the transport of food to supermarkets, for example, reliant on petrol and diesel.

Electric powered tractors have been pioneered in electric and solar powered farm machinery and a number of advantages of the use of electric tractors can be defined against traditional petrol and diesel fuelled tractors. For example, the level of engine efficiency is much higher in general in electric tractors, which boast up to 90 per cent efficiency. This is much higher in relation to the level of engine efficiency of petrol and diesel tractors, which it has been claimed suffer the efficiency of combustion engines at only 15 per cent efficiency.

With regards to the maintenance of tractor engine parts, electric tractors have merely one moving part in the engine, thus requiring, arguably less technical maintenance. This is a point which is particularly relevant in relation to tractors with combustion engines which have many more moving parts, and therefore have the potential risk of needing much more technical assistance and maintenance.

Photovoltaic charging can be achieved through solar panels which convert sunlight into energy. When electric tractors are issued with photovoltaic charging, there is no other requirement for other fuel sources. Solar powering is especially appropriate for powering tractors and agricultural equipment because of the similar seasonal availability of solar power.

Electric tractors are not just energy sufficient in their implementation in farming and agricultural tasks. Because they are constructed of modular components, they can be easily assembled without the need of large manufacturing plants, whose mere existence would use up copious amounts of energy.

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