Sales Rise For The Tractor Trader 06/02/2008

It has been reported that sales for the used and new tractor trader look set to continue to rise. Arguably, this has led to tractor traders holding sales numbers which are their strongest in ten years, with over 15,000 tractors of over 50 horsepower being registered in 2007. It has been suggested by The Agricultural Engineers Association that this is a rise of around 14 per cent for used and new tractor traders, and is arguably the highest level recorded for tractor traders since 1996.
Strong sales of tractors are arguably set to continue this year, with consistently strong prices for cereal and related crops, creating an optimistic outlook for tractor traders.

There has been increased demand for tractors from tractor traders due to a growing need for crops which are being used for a variety of reasons. For example, growing energy prices holds the potential to turn many people to the benefits of bio-fuel, which is stimulated by corn and related grains. With this in mind, new and used tractors from tractor traders are in much demand. Additionally, in Eastern European countries, some smaller farms are benefiting from government subsidised tractor purchase programs, in which the smaller farm owner are offered a subsidised option when purchasing tractors from tractor traders.

Tractor traders are also selling a wider variety of tractors, due to an increase in the range of models available. For example, there are smaller tractors, sold by tractor traders, which are suitable for smaller farms and agricultural projects. A tractor trader may also stock larger tractors and farm equipment, and it has been reported by The Agricultural Engineers Association that the average horsepower of tractors offered by tractor traders has increased by an approximate 4.4 per cent to meet 134 horsepower.

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