Financial Benefits Of Efficient Combine Harvesters 06/02/2008

It has been reported that despite the ostensible increases in the prices of fuel and fertiliser, the costs of establishment and harvest costs for farmers have dropped, in part due to the more efficient use of combine harvesters. Joint venture arable groups saw a prominent drop in establishment and harvest costs. It could be suggested that this was a result of savings in the use of diesel fuel, notably caused by the more efficient use of combine harvesters and other farm machinery and equipment.

It has been argued that the higher cost of diesel has affected the ways in which farming agreements have been contracted. For example, there may be changes should a contractor of a combine harvester expect the farmer to finance his own diesel fuel costs. Because of higher input costs, it would seem that joint venture farming companies have reassessed cases for the hire of combine harvesters, in opposition to the ownership of a combine harvester.

Combine harvesters have proved invaluable to farmers in the harvest of wheat, prices of which have doubled since 2007. However, alongside the benefits of the increase in wheat prices, farmers have suffered from rising fuel prices for combine harvesters, with rates per litre almost doubling since 2005.

The Joint Venture Farming Group is responsible for collecting farm management data and information. They have claimed that with the coming year in mind, farmers using combine harvesters and other farm machinery should begin basing their budgets upon a ‘£ per tonne’ basis, as opposed to determining incoming and outgoing finances on a ‘pre acre’ rate. This is because, even if there is an increase in output per acre, costs per tonne may still I fact be higher, and this change in budgeting would allow for this situation to be taken into consideration.

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