Australia To Face Combine Harvester Shortage? 09/02/2008

It has been reported that, as Australian farmers surface from a number of less than satisfactory farming seasons, the nation may face shortages of farm equipment and machinery, including items such as tractors and combine harvesters. It can be claimed that as a result of the increased strength of the market in North America, that there is a growing pressure on manufacturers of, for example, combine harvesters, to manufacture and ship their combine harvesters. It has been suggested that this is because many of the larger combine harvester manufacturers are experiencing high demand for output from their combine harvester factories, and that as a result, the order, manufacture and delivery times of combine harvesters from the US to Australia may create a number of delays, thus leading to a shortage in combine harvesters and other farm machinery and equipment.

It has been suggested that with particular reference to the leading manufacturer of farming machinery and equipment, that this notion will have a particularly noticeable effect on a number of models of tractor manufactured by the company, as well as the New Holland range of CR combine harvesters. New Holland experienced a solid level of combine harvester and tractor sales in December 2007, and it has been reported that, with particular reference to tractor sales, that the leading combine harvester manufacturer experienced its highest level of sales since 2004.

With this in mind, the Australian broad acre sector of farming may experience problems as a result of this ostensible combine harvester shortage. The season of rain affecting Australia looks for a promising winter for farmers and agricultural workers, particularly in light of recent seasons which have proved challenging for farmers. However, some Australian farmers, for example, those related to the broad acre sector, may not be able to enjoy the full benefits of the increased rainfall, because of the shortage of combine harvesters, as well as, quite prominently, seeding equipment.

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