Renovations For Tractors Cabs 17/03/2004

Tired of being hit by a foam headliner that was hanging from their 8070 Allis Chalmers tractor Paul and Jeff Agre seeked help from K&M Manufacturing company that provides cab relacemnt kits from tractors. The Agres didn’t want to buy a new tractor and thought that this family run company would be the perfect solution for replacing their worn and torn tractor. They needed to wait for the trade to come before they could afford a new tractor; they just needed their tractor to be comfortable to drive.

By going to K&M Manufacturing company they were able to buy everything they needed for a new cab interior this also included an updated seat and suspension. "The tractor looks like it just came off the assembly line," Jeff says. "We’re really pleased with it."

Value : Due to the nature of the finaclial situation in the farming industry and the fact the it’s not a particularly stable one the Agres are joined by many farmer that want to replace the interiors of a tractor cab. It helps to prolong the life of a tractor and therefore allow farmers to have more time for saving for a new one.

There are many advantages to this idea. There is the comfort issue. It is far more pleasurable to drive in a comfortable vehicle. The noise pollution is decreased and therefore the drivers’ hearing is protected. The parts in the cab are made from acoustical foam and vinyl meaning that the cab is insulated. One major benefit is that the value of the tractor can be maintained better than it would be without the replacements, meaning better trade when it comes to resale. "I can’t get top dollar for equipment that looks like heck on the inside," says Brian. According to kit manufacturers aftermarket kit is approximately half the price of what you would have to pay if the parts were brought from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Different makes and models of a vehicle can affect the exact price. Prices can also depend on whether the cab interior is being replaced or if a whole new cab is being added to a cabless tractor. The price for a kit that would include side cushions, fender panels and posts can cost approximately $100 to $400. Another $100 to $300 can be added on top of that for a headliner , floor mat and seat. You can pay approximately $1,400 to $2,900 for the installing of a whole new cab.

A job that involves the undoing of an interior can take between 2 to 12 hours. The amount of time will vary according to the vehicle. It can take up to 2 days or more if a new cab is being put together. According to some kit makers the 86 series IH tractors are the easiest to handle in terms of installing new interiors. Case Steigers and New Holland Versatiles are the most difficult to deal with due to the fact that they have more pieces and headliners that have to be matched up.

It is recommended by K&M Manufacturing that after ten years a tractor should be ready to be reconditioned.

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