Tractor Manufacturers Deere Edge Closer To Driverless Tractor 04/02/2008

In the world of modern farming inventions, the driverless tractor is slowly turning from a dream to a reality. Top name manufacturers in tractor trading, Deere have created an automated tractor gadget, nicknamed the “killer app”. This new gadget could revolutionise farming and tractor operations as we know it. Capable of turning, shifting gears and seeing through darkness and dust, it appears to live up to its killer app name.
It can make decisions to raise and lower heavy farming implements and can follow a crop line with sub-inch precision in moonlight, making it seem like a gadget cyborg that could save thousands of hours and dollars for farmers everywhere. brbr

This new step in tractor technology could also signal the short arrival of the driverless tractor, a ghostly idea which could make tractor operators obsolete. Aaron Senneff, manage of hardware and systems engineering for John Deere Agricultural Management Solutions says that this could mean the beginning of the end for tractor operators, “Autonomous tractors that operate without a human are definitely what we’re all trying to do. It’s the next great frontier for the ag equipment market.” brbr

The killer app officially known as, iTEC Pro automated guidance product was released this spring by Deere, a leader in development of autonomous technology. Engineers are concerned that tractor safety could disappear without tractor operators to react quickly. Sudden obstacles or people moving in front of the vehicle still mean that self-guided tractors have a way to go before becoming part of farming life.

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