Finland Sees Popularity Boost Of Combines 01/02/2008

Combines are a favourite of agricultural workers everywhere, due to their effectiveness and versatility to suit a variety of ploughing and harvesting needs. With this in mind, it is of little surprise that combines have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity and are experiencing improved worldwide sales. The recent rise in the popularity of combines has been induced by increasing prices for crops and grain on the global market, in addition to, in the newest state members of the European Union, the agricultural subsidiary programs, creating new appeal to farming and agriculture. Such subsidiary programs assist some Eastern European farms in the purchase of heavy farm equipment, such as combines.

A Finnish combine factory, Sampo Rosenlow, manufactures combines and prides itself on selling around half of the combines which it produces to Finnish and other local companies, as well as selling the rest of their manufactured combines to other countries in Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia. Because of the rise in the demand for combines, the company looks set to further expand their business, so as to cater to a higher capacity to the ever-popular market of combine sales.

Finnish demand for combines has arguably been boosted by a rise in the price of grain in Finland. Additionally, there appears to be a worldwide increase in the cost of energy, leading to, in some countries, an increase in the popularity of bio-fuel. Consequently, this has the potential to lead to an even further increase in combine sales, as bio-fuel is typically created from corn, and similar grains, all of which offer the potential use of combines in their harvest. Crop cultivation appears to be on the increase in some countries and locales. For example, the harvesting of wheat as a crop in Finland appears to be growing in popularity, arguably as a result of the reduction in the harvesting of sugar beets.

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