Revolutionary Combine To Harvest Lighter Seeds 02/02/2008

A couple from Montana, USA have designed a combine with the harvesting of lighter seeds and crops in mind. Generally, combines are regarded as too heavy-handed in their potential implementation in the harvest of seeds. Despite popular belief that combines are suitable in the harvest of all seeds, it is clear that a combine is not actually mild enough to be used for all species of seed.

The specially designed Arbuckle Seedster combine has been specifically created with the harvest of lighter crops in mind, especially the seeds which pose problems for regular combines, such as seeds which are fluffy, small, or growing at a varying level of heights. The Arbuckle Seedster combine uses a specialised brush and combing tool which is attached to the combine, allowing the seeds to be pulled from the grass, which is then left intact.

Different to standard combines, the Arbuckle Seedster combine uses a cyclone separator which sorts through the grains, and storing the seeds in a bag. The majority of the development of the combine was completed locally in Montana in the United States and it would appear that the production of the Arbuckle Seedster combine will remain in the local area. The company which designed the Arbuckle Seedster combine showcased their specially designed combine recently at The Agriculture Technology and Construction Expo in Montana. The expo features other agricultural technology, including combines, and recently saw the completion of its sixth year.

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