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John Deere Combine On Show At Mid-south Farm And Gin Show 20/03/2008
The annual Mid-South Farm & Gin Show was in 2008 in its 56th year. This year it has been recorded that a John Deere combine harvester was to be one who at the event.

John Deere is a leading manufacturer of a range of agricultural machinery and equipment, and is renowned for its manufacture of John Deere tractors and John Deere harvesters.

The Mid-South Farm & Gin Show takes place at the end of February and the beginning of March and occurs at the Memphis Cook Convention Ce...

Farmer Adapts New Holland Combine 20/03/2008
Richard Ward, a Warwickshire farmer, has reportedly enhanced the functionality of his New Holland combine harvester to better suit his specific needs, and those of his farm.

The farmer has had a history of owning New Holland combine harvesters, from the TF42 New Holland combine harvester to the TF44 New Holland combine harvester, to his latest addition, a TF78 New Holland combine harvester. It would appear that the New Holland combine harvesters discussed were purchased second hand.<...

T-series John Deere Combine Range 17/03/2008
John Deere combine harvesters have offered the T series of John Deere combine harvesters for sale. The T series of John Deere combine harvesters were introduced by John Deere so as to meet a demand for higher output combine harvesters. John Deere currently has large rotary harvesters which work to harvest large spaces. However, T Series John Deere combine harvesters work to harvest straw, and these particular John Deere combine harvesters offer additional threshing components. To add ...

Case Ih Combines Sales Doubled 10/03/2008
It has been reported that the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer, Case IH has doubled the number of combine harvesters sold in the UK. These figures regarding Case IH combines were referring to combine harvesters sold in 2007, in contrast to those sold in 2006.

In particular, these figures relate to the sales of Case IH Axial Flow combine harvesters. The rise in sales of Case IH combine harvesters was not the only rise in sales of their machinery, as there was also a r...

A Rise In Demand For New Holland Combine Harvesters? 05/03/2008
It would appear that in Canada, there has been a rise in the sales of farm equipment and machinery, including, for example, New Holland combine harvesters. Many manufacturers have reported in Canada have reported that their stock reserves are ever diminishing as a result of producer demand for farm equipment which has risen to one of the highest level in a long time.

It has been reported that a manager fro New Holland, the manufacturer of New Holland combine harvesters, has suggeste...

South Africa See Rise In Sales Of Combine Harvesters 11/02/2008
There has been a rise in sales of combine harvesters in South Africa this month. There has been a rise of around 30% in combine harvester sales compared with sales in January 2007.

The South African Agricultural Machinery Association has reported that there have been increases in the sales in tractors, balers and combine harvesters.

There have been additional rises in sales of combine harvesters elsewhere in the world, with leading manufacturer New Holland reporting incre...

Australia To Face Combine Harvester Shortage? 09/02/2008
It has been reported that, as Australian farmers surface from a number of less than satisfactory farming seasons, the nation may face shortages of farm equipment and machinery, including items such as tractors and combine harvesters. It can be claimed that as a result of the increased strength of the market in North America, that there is a growing pressure on manufacturers of, for example, combine harvesters, to manufacture and ship their combine harvesters. It has been suggested that this is ...

High Sales Of Case Ih Combine Harvesters 08/02/2008
Case IH combine harvesters have seen a great increase in popularity, alongside additional popularity increases of their Case IH tractors.In comparison to 2006, it has been reported that the manufacturer of Case IH combine harvesters has experienced retail sales of Case IH combine harvesters at almost double the rate.

The popularity of Case IH combine harvesters has been supplemented by the strengthening of the Case IH dealer network, which may appeal to customers of Case IH combine h...

Health Food Grain Causes Problems For Combine Harvesters 08/02/2008
The growing popularity of health foods has brought to prominence a wholegrain known as Spelt. It has been argued that Spelt provides an abundance of nutrients in comparison to wheat, and is also more easily digestible.

Until recently, the grain, spelt, was regarded as most readily suited for use as animal feed. The popularity of spelt looks to be only hindered by its problematic harvesting by combine harvesters. Whereas modern wheat is relatively easy to harvest by combine harveste...

Belarusian Combine Harvester Manufacturer Ships To Iran 07/02/2008
It has been reported that a Belarusian manufacturer of combine harvesters has begun stocking Iranian farmers with their combine harvesters. The combine harvester production corporation, Gomselmarsh, looks set to supply 10 combine harvesters to Iran.

Gomselmarsh is a production company which produces a number of agricultural machines and equipment, including combine harvesters, and farming machinery which can be used to cultivate soil, and harvest crops. It looks likely that this will b...

Financial Benefits Of Efficient Combine Harvesters 06/02/2008
It has been reported that despite the ostensible increases in the prices of fuel and fertiliser, the costs of establishment and harvest costs for farmers have dropped, in part due to the more efficient use of combine harvesters. Joint venture arable groups saw a prominent drop in establishment and harvest costs. It could be suggested that this was a result of savings in the use of diesel fuel, notably caused by the more efficient use of combine harvesters and other farm machinery and equipment. ...

Fire Safety Officers Target Combine Farmers 04/02/2008
Fire safety officers have begun a campaign which targets farmers and their safety when using farm and agricultural equipment and machinery, including combines. The Welsh fire service in certain locales is offering farmers in particular areas the opportunity to have fire safety tests and fire alarm tests for free.

Such a move may assist in a reduction in home insurance for combine farmers and other agricultural workers, and has been backed by the Farmers’ Union of Wales. Because of th...

Combine Farmers Find Joy On Most Depressing Day Of The Year 03/02/2008
Despite the 21st January being deemed by theorists and members of the public as being the most depressing day of the year due to post-Christmas and winter blues, it would seem that at least combine farmers found something to smile about. An annual survey conducted by Lloyds TSB Scotland found that there were positive attitudes towards farming, which evidently includes agricultural workers from a variety of specialist areas, including combine farmers. The survey produced many positive results, ...

Revolutionary Combine To Harvest Lighter Seeds 02/02/2008
A couple from Montana, USA have designed a combine with the harvesting of lighter seeds and crops in mind. Generally, combines are regarded as too heavy-handed in their potential implementation in the harvest of seeds. Despite popular belief that combines are suitable in the harvest of all seeds, it is clear that a combine is not actually mild enough to be used for all species of seed.

The specially designed Arbuckle Seedster combine has been specifically created with the harvest of li...

Australian Combines Shortage 01/02/2008
Because of increasing global agricultural prices, it has been claimed that there is a potential farm machinery shortage looming in Australia, particularly in relation to combines. There has been a large level of imported farm machinery equipment, including combines into Australia, particularly from America, and consequently may make it increasingly difficult for Australian combine dealers to compete with American combine production.

It has been reported that combine harvesters which ...

Finland Sees Popularity Boost Of Combines 01/02/2008
Combines are a favourite of agricultural workers everywhere, due to their effectiveness and versatility to suit a variety of ploughing and harvesting needs. With this in mind, it is of little surprise that combines have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity and are experiencing improved worldwide sales. The recent rise in the popularity of combines has been induced by increasing prices for crops and grain on the global market, in addition to, in the newest state members of the European Union, t...

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