Model Maker Creates Miniature John Deere Tractors 20/03/2008
A model maker from Iowa has made quantitative amounts of John Deere tractors, only on a miniature scale. It has been reported that Jim De Boer from Orange Country, Iowa nurtured a fascination with John Deere tractors which led him to be influenced to make models of John Deere tractors. Overall, it has been reported, Jim de Boer has created over 70 models of John Deere tractors which have been built to generally a 1/15th scale. Also, the miniature versions of the John Deere tractors have been bui...

New Kubota Tractor Announced 19/03/2008
Kubota tractors have announced a new addition to their range in the form of the Kubota RTV900 special edition. The special edition Kubota tractor is a limited production model. It has been reported that the Kubota tractor will be on sale throughout nationwide Kubota dealers, although this special edition Kubota tractors are only available for a limited time.

There are numerous of attractive features of the Kubota tractor. These include the factory installed features such as aluminium...

New Holland Releases Compact Tractor 19/03/2008
Manufacturer of New Holland tractors, the company New Holland have released a new New Holland tractor, though in this instance it is a compact New Holland tractor. The latest New Holland tractor is known as a T1110 Boomer compact tractor.

It has been claimed that the compact New Holland tractor possesses 28 horsepower. With this in mind the New Holland tractor, despite being of a compact size, offers a decent level of engine power. The New Holland tractor in question is larger that a...

New Holland Tractors Enter 100 Horsepower Category 19/03/2008
The new T5000 series of New Holland tractors consists of four models, and promises a wide range of specifications and power levels. The new range of New Holland tractors has looked to appeal to mainly dairy and livestock farmers because of the level of versatility offered by the New Holland tractors.

This new range of New Holland tractors, the T5000 series of New Holland tractors contains four models. The models include the T5060 New Holland tractor which offers horsepower of 106 ho...

Investors Of John Deere Tractors 16/03/2008
It has been revealed that tractors, including John Deere tractors, are becoming a hit new vehicle to invest in. This is due to the increasing profits which are potentially available from investment into the agriculture industry. This is arguably a result of the increase in demand from Asia for meat and grain.

John Deere tractors have been seen to profit from the rising investment interest demonstrated by shares sales. It has been reported that John Deere tractors have experienced a fa...

Kubota Tractors Create New Distribution Facility 08/03/2008
Kubota Tractor Corporation recently announced that they had intentions to build a distribution centre in Jefferson, USA.

It has been reported that the distribution centre of Kubota tractors will be located behind the Kubota Industrial Equipment building in an Industrial Park in Jefferson, USA which at present manufacturers Kubota tractor equipment, including Kubota loaders and Kubota backhoes.

The centre planned for the distribution of Kubota tractors is expected to employ...

Tractors Feature In Cortez Expo 04/03/2008
The Four States Agricultural Exposition is soon to take place, and has seen a number of preparations taking place this week. A number of tractors, horse trailers and other farm equipment have begun to move into the expo, and it has been argued that this year looks to surpass the last with tractors and farm equipment taking the forefront.

The exposition which features farm equipment and tractors will feature new exhibits. In addition, the annual event featuring tractors and farm equip...

Bobcat Release New Compact Tractors 01/03/2008
Construction manufacturing giant, Bobcat, has released a new range of tractors, notably compact tractors.

The compact tractors introduced by Bobcat have been decided so as to assist farmers in the completion of a variety of tasks. The new Bobcat compact tractors are created with a number of audiences in mind. For example, the compact tractors are suitable for, in addition to farmers, ranchers, commercial landscapers, groundskeepers and homeowners.

The compact tractors will...

Sales Rise For The Tractor Trader 06/02/2008
It has been reported that sales for the used and new tractor trader look set to continue to rise. Arguably, this has led to tractor traders holding sales numbers which are their strongest in ten years, with over 15,000 tractors of over 50 horsepower being registered in 2007. It has been suggested by The Agricultural Engineers Association that this is a rise of around 14 per cent for used and new tractor traders, and is arguably the highest level recorded for tractor traders since 1996. Strong...

Tennessee Tractor Trader Predicts 2008 Profit Rise 05/02/2008
A tractor trader in Tennessee in the United States has predicted a rise in profits for the forthcoming year in its role as a tractor trader. Tractor Supply Co., which also sells other farm equipment and machinery, as well as being a tractor trader has claimed that it expects to see a rise in profits of around three per cent in 2008.

The tractor trader, Tractor Supply Co., has suggested that it will open from 95 to 100 new stores in 2008.In 2007, the tractor trader opened 89 sales outle...

Cheap Corn Makes Mexican Tractor Traders Suffer 05/02/2008
Mexican farmers and tractor traders have recently been protesting the entry of imported corn from the United States and Canada, which, because of its cheap pricing and ready availability, has lead to problems in Mexican farming, and has consequently affected the sales of Mexican tractor traders. On the 1st January 2008, the Mexican government has repealed the tariffs which had previously been placed on imported corn. Many of the protesting farmers are seeking a re-emergence of the 1994 free trad...

Tractor Vandals Arrested 05/02/2008
The Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture has seen three of its senior officials arrested by Yobe State police. The senior officials have been arrested for allegedly vandalising tractors which belong to community agricultural services, through the ostensible removal of tractor units from the site of the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture. It has been reported that the arrests of the alleged tractor vandals were made after local police were tipped off by other officials at the Ministry that the vandalis...

Tractor Traders Experience Popularity Of John Deere Brand 04/02/2008
The Agricultural Engineers Association has reported that John Deere is the most popular brand in the UK in 2006, as sold by tractor traders. Tractor traders have found that John Deere tractors have held just over a quarter of the market as sold by tractor traders in 2006, and has possessed the leading position in the tractor market as sold by tractor traders for nearly ten years.

An increase in sales for tractor traders has been suggested and this could be a result of a number of poi...

The Case For Electric Tractors 03/02/2008
Solar power and electricity is becoming an often favoured way of powering vehicles and machinery, with electric cars, and solar-powered panels assisting in providing energy for the home. Agriculture is a key industry which relies upon gas and diesel, non-renewable fuel sources which do not have infinite futures. Food production and distribution has become increasingly dependent on these fuels, with the transport of food to supermarkets, for example, reliant on petrol and diesel.


200 Tractors Used In Yard Art 03/02/2008
A used car sales room owner in Mount Vernon, in Iowa in the United States has turned over two hundred tractors into a form of art. Around eight years ago, Paul Neal searched for some form of art to display in his yard, and after encountering a John Deere tractor, became a collector of tractors. Neal has collected around 225 tractors over an eight year period, and has a variety of branded tractors, including John Deere tractors, Oliver tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors, Allis-Chalmer Tractors, t...

Indian Government Combats Tractor Shortage 02/02/2008
The Indian government has sought to combat shortages in tractors and farm machinery and equipment by allowing the Agricultural Engineering Department to loan to farmers. Indian farmers have suffered a crisis in shortages in tractors, farm machinery and farm equipment, and so this action for the Agricultural Engineering Department may be met with a welcome reception by farmers who are unable to complete mechanised farm tasks which require tractors and similar farm machinery.


Irish Tractor Traders See Sales Rise 02/02/2008
Recent figures from the Republic of Ireland indicate that last year, tractor traders enjoyed sales of over 5000 new tractors. These figures of the sales of tractor traders were gathered by the Irish Farm Tractor and Machinery Trader Association, and was conducted by analysing the data if vehicle registrations. The figure represents a growing trend of tractor sales by tractor traders, and in the Republic of Ireland, these figures of tractor trader sales has been the highest in nearly 25 years. Th...

Indian Farmers Seek Smaller Tractors 01/02/2008
Farmers on relatively small Indian farms have begun to switch from larger and standard size tractors to smaller tractors with fewer than 30 horsepower. The northern states of India sees farmers more commonly implementing larger tractors, of up to 40 horsepower, though in the southern Indian states this is not as often the case, with farmers in locales such as Gujarat choosing to employ smaller tractors to complete agricultural tasks.

A huge percentage of the Gujarat tractor market rema...

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