Stabau S18-RK 50-360

Asking Price:£ 6,116 (€6,950)
Item Location: Äußere Industriestr. 22
Seller Minisite: Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH
Fax: 0049/821-78000-958
Model:Stabau S18-RK 50-360

Complementary information on the Stabau S18-RK 50-360 Used Grapple that you clicked on, advertised for you through TractorTradex and supplied by Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH. You have the option to buy this Stabau S18-RK 50-360 Used Grapple by utilising the contact form above to get in touch with Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH directly. TractorTradex’s filters also allow you to compare each of the Stabau S18-RK 50-360 Used Grapples for sale with TractorTradex by Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, in addition to the huge range of used Used Grapples from all of the preeminent makes obtainable with TractorTradex.

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