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Tractors are farm vehicles designed to deliver a high amount of tractive force, or pulling force, whilst travelling at a low velocity. A tractor is generally used to tow agricultural mechanisms, for example attachments for soil cultivation, fertilization, planting, irrigation and harvesting. Originally only used for tillage, tractors are now widely used for a number of tasks on the farm, pulling all kinds of labour-saving equipment. The majority of agricultural tractors have four wheels; two large ones at the rear, with a seat, or enclosed cab, above them, and two small wheels at the front for steering. They can be either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Tractors for sale in UK

Tractors for sale in UK have had four-wheel drive capabilities since the 1960’s, and they sometimes feature four large wheels, as opposed to the two large-two small arrangement of the traditional tractor. Tractors on the larger end of the scale typically incorporate articulated steering, with the hinge, or pivot, being centrally located and powered by hydrostatic technology, usually by way of hydraulic cylinders. Power Take Off (PTO) systems allow tractors to mechanise implements that they carry, leading to increased functionality and a higher standard of performance in less time.

Used Tractors

Used tractors include the popular CUT (Compact Utility tractor), which are essentially smaller scale versions of traditional tractors, and are used for commensurately smaller scale tasks, for example landscaping. Compact tractors typically rely on the range of attachments that they can accommodate. Of which common examples are front end loaders, grader blades, rotary tillers and landscape rakes. They can accommodate planting and seeding attachments, but these tasks are less common. Despite their smaller size, used compact tractors can make a huge difference in terms of the quality of the work that needs doing and the time that it takes to get it done.

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