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Item Location: ITALY
Model:Valtra T194 DIRECT
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Year of Manufacturer: 2017
Serial Number: GS301011

Agricultural tractor in perfect condition. Fleet rental. Front axle with suspension. Hook D3. Cabin suspension. Raised lights. Double blinking. Control stop. 3 front distributors. Steering Front Mudguards. Front axle reinforced with lock. diff. 100%. Variable flow pump 160 lt. Passenger seat with seat belt. Pneumatic braking. High visibility hatch. Metallic silver. 6 cylinders. Power take-off 540 / 540E / 1000. Air conditioning + floor heating. Speed ??40 Km / h Ecospeed direct. 5 Distributors. Premium work lights. Tires Trelleborg D 710 / 70R38 + 600 / 65R28.

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